Our Process

We believe people are more properly served when our team listens to you carefully and incorporates your values and goals versus trying to sell you on a particular investment product.

Nolan Capital Advisors main focus is to manage and guide individuals through the three phases of investing accordingly with their values:

  • Accumulation of Assets
  • Preservation of Assets
  • Distribution of Assets

We accomplish this by using the Four Pillar Approach to Investing and a focus strategy.

The Approach:

  • Diversification across and within Asset Classes
  • Diversification across Equity Styles
  • Diversification across Geographic Regions
  • Diversification across Investment Philosophies

The Strategy:

Coordinating four silos:

  • Free Assets
  • Tax Free Assets
  • Tax Deferred Assets
  • Taxable Assets

Big things usually start out small, and a financial plan is no exception. We begin simply by getting to know you. And with each new step of our five-point planning process, we use that knowledge to build a plan as big as the life you’re leading and the goals you want to achieve for your family, your community and your future.


The first objective involves two things: Conversation and Information. Discussing at length about your goals, challenges and objectives, your experience as an investor and what it will take to achieve your desired outcome. Our main priority is to get to know you on a personal and professional level.


Nolan Capital Advisors LLC will thoroughly examine everything we had discussed and evaluate it all in relation to the markets. We will consider the merits of various approaches and assess available investment options.


Nolan Capital Advisors LLC practices Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT seeks to maximize returns and minimize risk through asset diversification. In this step, we will compile the data gathered, design and customize a well diversified investment portfolio. (note: Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or loss. Asset Allocation and Diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.)


In this step, you play an important role. After Nolan Capital Advisors LLC presents and in detail, explains our recommendations, we will give you some time to review before making a commitment. After your approval, we will execute the customized strategy recommendations.


The final step is to ensure and continually monitor your customized investment portfolio based upon the market conditions and your life changes. We will make the necessary adjustments to keep in line with your plan.