How We Do It

The Planning Process

The Planning Process

You have big plans for your future. We can help you make them a reality.

 A well-crafted financial plan is the foundation of a successful future. It provides the roadmap and guidance you need to achieve your goals. At Nolan Capital Advisors, we specialize in creating individualized plans tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Our five-point planning process is designed to be straightforward and easy to follow. We take the time to get to know you so we can build a plan that’s as unique as you are. And because we’re always here for support, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need to reach your goals – no matter what life throws your way.

Five Point Plan

1) Our investment firm likes to sit down and have a conversation with our clients. We want to get to know you on a personal and professional level so we can best help you achieve your desired outcome. We will discuss at length your goals, challenges, and objectives as well as your experience and risk level as an investor. It is important to us we understand what it will take to achieve your goal so we can provide you with the best possible service. We believe by getting to know our clients, we can better help them succeed.

2) At Nolan Capital Advisors LLC, we take a comprehensive approach to investment planning. We will work with you to understand your unique financial goals and risk tolerance. We will then examine all the available information and options to develop a customized investment plan that meets your needs. We believe this approach leads to the best possible outcomes for our clients. By taking the time to fully understand your situation and objectives, we can develop an investing strategy tailored specifically for you. This customized approach allows us to capitalize on opportunities and minimize risks, helping you to achieve your financial goals.

3) We believe diversification is key to achieving long-term investment success. That's why we practice Modern Portfolio Theory, which seeks to maximize returns and minimize risk through asset diversification. In this step, we will compile the data gathered and design and customize a well-diversified investment portfolio that meets your unique needs and goals. Keep in mind, investing involves risk, and you may incur a profit or loss. However, we believe with a diversified portfolio, you will be better positioned to weather market volatility and achieve your long-term financial goals.

4) After Nolan Capital Advisors LLC presents and explains our recommendations in detail, you will play an important role. We will give you some time to review before making a commitment. After your approval, we will execute the customized strategy recommendations. Our team is experienced in implementing a wide variety of investment strategies, and we will work closely with you to ensure that your goals are met. We understand every client is unique, and we will tailor our approach to fit your needs.

5) Your investment strategy is only as good as your ability to stick to it. That's why we believe one of the most important aspects of our job is to help you stay the course. We will work with you to customize an investment plan that meets your unique needs and objectives, and then we will help you to stick or modify the plan. We will monitor the markets and your portfolio on a regular basis, and we will make any necessary adjustments to keep you on track. In other words, we will help you stay the course even when the markets are volatile, and life throws you a curveball. With our help, you can rest assured that your investment strategy is always working hard for you.

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